Innovative Solutions and Security

Security is more than protection against gunshots, GPS monitoring or lock and access systems.

It is very important for armored vehicles for every special demand to adapt the chassis to the increased weight. The focus is not only on the security in the event of a sudden danger situation in the moment of the threat but also on your day-to-day security.

The higher vehicle weight combined with a high center of gravity lead to the significant impairment of the vehicle's dynamic behavior. The driving stability can quickly come up against its limits.

That is why we permanently invest in the driving stability of our vehicles. In cooperation with our partner company Roadmaster® we develop components to increase load capacity and to improve the driving stability.

Of course, all innovative solutions can be used also outside the armored vehicles for every special demand.

We also offer you, for example:

  • parts for a support of the suspension to increase of the gross vehicle weight of Volkswagen T5 or T6 up to 3,500 kg included the expert report from Dekra  for the entry of this into the vehicle papers;
  • or even in combination from the suspension support  and a special trailer hitch you can have a gross vehicle weight of Volkswagen T5 or T6 with a trailer from 7,000 kg;
  • additional possibilities to increase the gross vehicle weight or the driving stability, for example, also for Volkswagen Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan Narvara and other vehicles on request and from your partner – company Roadmaster®.